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China - Economy Growth and the Environment

            China is the biggest producer, consumer and importer of coal and carbon dioxide emissions in the world now. The usage of energy has been increasing because of domestic demand, and exports have also been increasing, such as large shipping. Those problems also have been causing environmental problems such as air pollution and water pollution. China has increasingly produced CO2 emissions in millions of tons since 1978 to 2009. I will talk about how China reforms their economic and triggered by the liberal and progressive policies from 1978, and how China became an important country as an economic power to now. When the economy grew rapidly, more enterprises started to invest and trade the goods. Domestic demands and exports increased. China should implement a carbon tax to help reduce to CO2 production, and show other countries success to implement carbon tax to reduce the CO2 emission.
             Background .
             Since 1978, Chinese industry rapidly grew during era of socialism. Chinese economy has expressed especially prominent. The Gross Domestic Product had been increasing at 9.8 percent from 1978 to 1998 per year. It has experienced the great and structural changes continuously (Fan, Zhang and Robinson 2014). Since China started to reform from 1979, Chinese economic growth has promoted internal and external factors, balancing the factors change the over time. In 1978, Chinese economy had a large predominance. In the energy secondary and tertiary industrial sectors, there were about 50 percent of the GDP at currently prices about 4.6 percent for the exports of the GDP, it went beyond the half from the primary sector. The beginning of the reformation was especially advantageous for the rural and services sectors. It helped loss of the supervision and led the economy and rapid expansion (Hussin and Yoke 2012). According to the insidermonkey.com (Figure1), the graph shows that the primary sector has continuously decreased since 1978.

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