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Globalization - The End of Geography

            In 1778, a Captain James Cook, sailed the Resolution into Waimea Bay Hawaii. The effect of this journey was to radically restructure the space/time vectors connecting Hawaii with London. This rift in global space/time instantly conceptualized a dramatic shift in "positional, opening a wormhole in social space and time that qualitatively increased the connectivity between the two places. " Our society saw such a shift again in 1998 when the free access to the Internet became available, introducing the brand new concept of globalization. When such a shift that revolutionizes the relationship between space and time in such a way occurs, what does this mean for the natural study of spaces; geography? Is globalization the end of geography? This paper will discuss how globalization is in fact not the end of geography, yet, a revitalization of the subject that has/will in fact spread the study of earth at a faster rate than ever before, it will take a look at this debate from the economical point of view as well as a sociological one and debunk the extinction of geography. .
             The revolution of the Internet and globalization opened wide a forum discussing the skepticism that the end of geography is near. To break this argument down we first must understand how globalization affects one's life, and in turn what affect will .
             globalization have on our view of geography? Geography means the study of the earth's features and the distribution of life on earth. ˜Globalization' theoretically means the removal of barriers to movements of factors of production, be it capital or labor. In theory, when there is a free movement "of factors of production, then people will move where the same job pays more, and eventually, everywhere the same job will pay the same. Similarly, money will be invested such that anywhere you invest, the returns will be the same for the same level of risk. In that sense, people's lives, in terms of what they can buy, can theoretically be similar across the globe.

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