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Government and America's National Parks

            National parks are one of the greatest things to ever be put on this Earth by our savior, Lord Jesus Christ. There are over 80 million acres of treasured and sacred places protected in the United States. This means there are 400 national parks. The article I'm writing on is Government Must Preserve National Parks by Todd Davidson. The funding for national parks has been being cut for years. It has been like that for years, America's relationship with national parks has been an off and on deal. One year they want to fund them and help preserve them and then the next they cut the funding in half. But what Americas fail to realize is how much we as a nation need the national parks. National parks provide safe havens for native plants and animals, they keep our water and air clean, and they also help us learn about the environment. National Parks gives us places to enjoy.
             Before telling you how the government should protect the national parks, I should tell you why we should protect and fund them. We all need fresh air, clean food, and water. The leaves from trees and plants make fresh air. The roots of these plants keep the soil together, which stops the soil from erosion and that keeps our waterway clean. Believe it or not, there are a lot of our nation's plants in national parks so they play a key role in keeping our environment healthy. National parks are places of natural beauty. The parks were also created for people to max and relax. You can do things such as walking, camping or just simply having a picnic. Also you can go swimming in the park's lakes, go skiing or just take pictures of nature's beauty. The parks are just where you can go when you simply want a breath of fresh air. We share this planet with all these creatures and we must do our best to protect them.
             With our wildlife being so beautiful and amazing, national parks are very affordable places that all families can afford.

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