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Managing an Upbeat Pharmaceutical Company

            A business is nothing without the leadership and guidance from a good manager. They are the vision and they direct everything that goes on within the company. They decide how to use the resources to achieve long-term and short-term goals. They achieve these goals by planning, organizing, leading, and controlling resources, including people, money, and time.
             I personally feel I have a few qualities of becoming a great manager. For example, I have always thought of the bigger picture while paying attention to the little details. I also believe that discipline is a must and need to be practiced all the time, if the business is to run smoothly, discipline must be enforced. I always respect and try to connect with the people working in my team. That is important because if everybody in the group gets along, work can be completed faster. I am also committed to the cause, I try to project that feeling onto the people in my group, because overall it is a group effort. Most importantly, I love having things organized. It makes things easier to run if everyone knows their job.
             Each of the 3 different styles of managing are unique, they each carry their own pros and cons if you do decide to use any of them. To be a successful manager, one must have a combination between human skills, technical skills and conceptual skills. I believe a combination of all three are important, I see myself practicing mainly human skills and conceptual skills. Technical skills are important of course, but if people who mainly focus on technical skills can only get so far because they lack human and conceptual skills.
             Obviously with great power, comes a bigger pay check. Not only that, you get to finally be your own boss and you finally get to order people around. Not to mention the authority it gives, the flexible work schedule, the responsibility, and the experience you get out of it if you ever want to find a new job.

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