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Encounter Point - Film Documentary

             Encounter Point is a movie that outlines the violence in the nation of Israel, between the Israelis and Palestinians. The two nations are introduced as equals as noted in their assembly in the Bereaved Families Forum. In Figure 1 you can see a picture of the founder of this forum (Tzivka Shahak) and a newer member (George Sa'adeh). Mothers, fathers, siblings and even spouses gather in the forum to discuss lives of loved ones lost in the battle. Within the forum, both the Palestinians and Israelis forget their differences and agonize together in the shared pain of losing loved ones. Additionally, it shows some Israeli and Palestinians holding hands in both literal and figurative gestures while mourning the deaths of their loved ones. Though the two nations once stood in opposite sides of a long and bloody conflict, they come together in creating a hope and a future for their rivalry and the possibility of a peaceful coexistence. .
             Film Makers.
             Ronit Avni is the founder of Just Vision. This is a non-profit organization for Palestinian and Israeli grass-root peace builders. Julia Bacha is a Brazilian Native who studied Middle Eastern History at the University of Columbia in New York. She also got into documentary photography and has since helped photographing many documentaries around the world. Both of these women came together to produce a short documentary film in hopes to help tell a story about the true heroes of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. The side no one sees on the news, and that is how both sides are coming together to cope with their losses in this conflict and find ways to promote peace amongst them. .
             The short part of the documentary in this film is centered around two individuals, one Israeli from Telmond (Tzivka Shahak), who lost his daughter in 1996 to a Palestinian suicide bomber in the a plaza at Tel Aviv. Figure 3 shows the aftermath of the Palestinian suicide bomber.

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