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Hills Like White Elephants and Araby

            A conflict can be triggered by any small situation that comes between two people. A conflict can come from a disagreement, an argument, or a misunderstanding in which then develops into a bigger situation. In the short stories "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway and "Araby" by James Joyce we see that love is the conflict presented in both stories. While the conflict of love is not presented exactly the same in both stories, we can find some similarities and differences as well. Both stories show characters stuck in a conflict about love, While in "Araby" the situation is more of an unrequited love, in "Hills Like White Elephants" two characters are confused about their love towards each other, the situation they are currently in is making them doubt their love for each other, and one decision they make can change everything between them. Love is the conflict in both stories, but the characters in the story take a different approach on how to handle the situation.
             In "Hills like White Elephants" we see two characters already in a conflict, although the conflict isn't clear at first as we read we are able to conclude that the couple is arguing over the decision if she should get an abortion or not. We are able to see that they both have different opinions about the abortion in the story when the American man says, "It's really an awfully simple operation Jig, It's really not an operation at all" (Hemingway. Pg. 131). This shows how he is trying to convince her that the operation will be something so simple and easy to do. The couple then continues to speak and Jig asks him, "And you really want to?" (Hemingway. Pg. 131). Her questioning him shows how she is unsure and doubtful about the operation, this question also shows how she only cares about what he thinks about it, not asking if this is what they both want, only what he wants.

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