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Nikola Tesla - More than a Internet Name

             Do you currently own a cell phone? Is it a smart phone or just a regular flip phone? In this society, it is probably more likely than not that it is a smart phone. Who can we credit with the invention of smart phone technology? That answer is Nikola Tesla. Although Nikola Tesla may be associated with technology and the Internet, many may not actually be aware of the history behind his name. Actually, Nikola is one of the most prominent people within the field of technology. Interestingly enough, Nikola envisioned smartphone technology in 1901 and actually shared his thoughts with Thomas Edison on the idea he had that we now know as cellphone and text messaging. Yet Nikola was not credited with contributing to these technologies until decades after he died in 1943. So therefore Nikolas background consisted of a lack of acknowledgement for his creative thoughts and creations related to technology and post humorous prominence. .
             Nikola Tesla migrated to the United States in 1884 and lived in New York City. It was there that he was hired by Thomas Edison to work as an engineer ("Nikola "). Before migrating to the United States, he lived in Paris and had a job repairing direct current power plants that were also owned by Thomas Edison ("Nikola "). Tesla relocating to the United States can be considered as one of the monumental times in his life because this is where his notoriety begins. Tesla's employment at the power plant influenced some of his ideas and gave him the resources to create his first major accomplishment. .
             "Tesla's signal accomplishment was the realization of his AC motor in the late 1880s. This was based on a series of inventions and patents for using two sources of alternating current out of phase with one another[.] His polyphase power systems were backed by funds from US entrepreneur George Westinghouse and ultimately allowed utilities to transmit electrical power over longer distances than before " (McCray 562).

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