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Keynesian Model: Brazil

            The economic model my country seems to be following is the Keynesian model. This UK collectivist model is, in some ways, laissez faire because there is some reliance on market forces and some reliance on state forces. According to Europa World, the Brazilian government began to assist manufacturing companies (EW), but a year later the goal of the government was to [attract] private investment in much-needed infrastructure projects (EW). This shows that even though there was government support the government pushed for private investment. With the Keynesian model there is also some signs of liberalism. In order for the people of Brazil to accumulate more for themselves, the government wanted to lower labor and energy costs by cutting payroll taxes and renegotiating energy concessions (EW). This would give the population more access to energy and, according to the Keynesian Model, if the state nationalizes an area like energy provisions, this ensures both the citizens and the industries have access to the resource it needs to boost the economy. .
             Brazil does not rely heavily on imports from other countries because they have a huge internal market. Brazils main exports are crude petroleum and fuels, food and live animals, machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods classified chiefly by material, mineral fuels and lubricants, and chemicals and related products (EW). Its main imports are machinery and transport equipment, chemicals and pharmaceutical goods, mineral fuels and lubricants, manufactured goods classified chiefly by material, and miscellaneous manufactured articles (EW). Although Brazil has important trading partners (EW), Brazil is not dependent on these trading partners. These trading partners include the US, Peoples Republic of China, Argentina, Netherlands, and Germany. In 2010, Brazil only took in 15 percent of imports from its principle import partner, the USA.

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