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The Large Ant by Howard Fast

            In 2011 Police reported 598 homicides in Canada alone. This was also 44 more than the previous year. Many human beings tend to assault or murder on a daily basics, but why would human beings do such a thing? Human beings are scared. Human beings instinctively attack in certain situations. It is natural to act in such a way despite it being a crime; they will attack if in danger. Human beings will do what they can to survives, if human beings did not react in such a way, nobody would be killed. When faced with danger we don't think, we react. For example, if a spider is on your celling or an ant is crawling on your kitchen floor, somehow human beings find themselves killing them instinctively, without thinking. We do not realize that the instinct to react violently could easily transfer to harming other people, not just bugs or animals. Why is it that some human beings react with violence before thinking rationally? The narrator in the short story written by Howard Fast titled "The Large Ant " kills a creature which resembles an ant, and kills the creature without clear intentions, out of pure instinct. .
             " ˜This is to no purpose,' Fitzgerald put in. ˜We know why he killed it The answer is very simple, Mr. Morgan. You killed it because you are a human being.' " (Fast 154) Fitzgerald, one of the characters from The Large Ant, clearly states that there is no given reason why Morgan, the narrator, killed the creature other than because he is human. This would imply that human beings have something within them that make humans to act in this manner intrinsically. Morgan later states " ˜I saw it,' I answered slowly, ˜and somehow I knew that I must kill it. I didn't think or decide. I just grabbed the iron and hit it.' " (Fast 155) The narrator even claims to be oblivious to his actions even though he killed the creature. The narrator had subconsciously reacted in the moment and it was not premeditated deed.

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