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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1921-1940

             The period of 1921-1940 within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was one of enormous change. It saw the implementation of the Five-Year Plans, industrialisation, socialism and a wave of terror. Joseph Stalin was dictator of the USSR from 1929-53 and a key driving force behind the cohesion and division prevalent within Soviet society. Stalin implemented various policies throughout his role that ultimately led the Soviet Union to be one of the greatest industrial powers in the world . These policies were so closely associated with Stalin that they have been collectively termed ˜Stalinism'. The role of Stalin in bringing about change and success in the Soviet has been debated for many decades. Historians have explored the importance of Stalin in contrast with the existing external forces throughout the period in creating change. Forces such as the Second World War, Nazi relations and social and political ramifications can be seen to play a key role in influencing cohesion and division within Soviet society. As a whole the role of Stalin in terms of the policies he implemented throughout 1929-1941 can be noted as majorly impacting Soviet society creating cohesive and divisive ripples throughout the country. External forces, alongside Stalin, can be noted as instruments for change, however, Stalin's signifant impact on the USSR was of more importance in bringing about cohesion and division. .
             Paragraph One - Economic.
             The tremendous economic success of Stalin's Five-Year Plans in the advancement of industry within the USSR produced a cohesive effect that was only strengthened by the external impact of the 1929 Great Depression. The Five-Year Plans were designed to bring about rapid industrialisation to modernise the economy. The decision to launch the Plans in 1928 was based on a combination of economic and political factors and a fear of foreign invasion. In 1928 Stalin said; "We are 50 to 100 years behind the advanced countries.

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