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Saint Paul and Christianity

            Paul is an important figure for all denominations of Christianity and his contributions to the understanding and spread of the Christianity. His writings continue to be a means by which many Christians learn about their faith. Paul's work most significantly underpins the Christian belief in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Paul of Tarsus was also a theologian, a missionary, a writer and a rebel in challenging the leadership of the early church to make Christianity an inclusive religion. Paul challenged the view that Jews were God's ˜chosen people', which in turn changed the course of Christianity. He played a crucial role in establishing Churches and developing Christian communities in Corinth, Galatia), Ephesus, and Phillipi. Through his writings and beliefs, Paul has changed the spiritual dimension of Christianity in its entirety.
             Although Paul was a contemporary of Jesus and became a great leader in Christianity he never met Jesus of Nazareth. As a Pharisee, Paul actively persecuted Christians until his divine conversion on the Road to Damascus. It is this supernatural event in which he saw a vision Jesus that prompted his change of heart, and led to his future incessant preaching of the gospels. Perhaps driven by the violent experience in his "former life ", Paul preached the notion of love to all. "If I have no love, I am like a clanging gong "1 Corinthians 13:1. In Galatians, Paul notes the importance of love as one of the "Fruits of the Spirit ". This devotion of loving one another impacted Christianity as this philosophy had not been taught prominently (except by Jesus Christ). Paul taught that Christians were taught to love through all circumstances just as Jesus taught and demonstrated by his death on the cross. This idea has led to the teaching, in many churches now, of adherents becoming love, or becoming one with the qualities Paul so admired in the Savior he worshipped.

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