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Religious and Social Movements

             Denmark, like all of Scandinavia, has experienced a marked socioeconomic development: from a classical agrarian society to a modern industrialized welfare state. Along with modernity came profoundly altered concepts of love, intimacy, sexuality, and gender. Denmark has a long tradition of sexual intercourse during the tradition of sexual intercourse during the engagement. Generally, sexual and reproductive rights are both acknowledged and appreciated in Denmark, and sexual autonomy is taken for granted by younger Danes. Sexual values of one nation are influenced by man numerous factors which are include religion, community, knowledge, and political as well as social movements. In my paper, I would like to talk about the religion, social movements of Denmark and how they influence the Danes perspective of sexuality.
             Religion .
             Religion can factor into attitudes and beliefs about contraception, permissible premarital sexual activities, pornography, and homosexuality. Christians believe that the act of sex outside of marriage goes against the will of God. Scripture states that sex is to be enjoyed between a married couple: one man and one woman. Those who do not marry are called to remain celibate. When a man and woman have sex they become one person, so it is easy to see that having sex with multiple partners must be unnatural, unhealthy, and unholy. There are many verses in the Bible that focus on sexual immorality. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam also encourage waiting until marriage for sexual intercourse. .
             In the live of most people is motivated by religion. The connection between religion and sexual attitudes and behaviors has been actively pursued and documented in several recent studies; any link between religion and sex remains largely speculative and inferred. Although religion is a control variable in many studies of sexual attitudes and behavior, it seldom appears in studies about sexual socialization.

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