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Icelandic Mythology

            Icelandic mythology has always been a prominent part of our modern day society; whether it is in books, movies, or modern day terminology. Why is this? It is because the characters in Norse mythology are relatable to us as humans. Take the character Thor. He is an overeating, drunk Neanderthal who, although he has a good heart, also has an extremely fiery temper and likes to swing around his giant hammer with a "shoot now ask questions later" attitude. Yet even with these flaws, he still is respected and in Icelandic mythology is considered a god. In order to understand what it is that makes Thor, as well as Icelandic mythology in general so appealing, a little background is needed as well as specific perspective. .
             First of all, you need to approach Icelandic mythology with an open mind in order to appreciate it and what exactly it has to do with our culture today even though it has existed for centuries. Second, it's important to understand that the struggles of the characters are relatable to us today in our society. If you think of their reactions and compare them to what your own might have done in that situation, it will help you understand the thinking process, logic, and justification behind each character's choices, thus providing a much better understanding of Norse mythology. .
             Let us now move to Icelandic mythology's historical background. The ancient people known as the Norse or Icelandic people resided at that point in time in the high northern countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in the continent now known as Europe. The Norse people have created a rather large affluence of myths throughout their interesting history. They fabricated many stories explaining the very same events that seem to be so important to all of human kind across the span of time, such as the themes of creation and destruction myths. .
             People of the Icelandic culture believed in many gods (also known as possessing a polytheistic culture).

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