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Women and Drug Abuse

            When we think of drug abuse we often are oblivious to the several types of abuse that occurs. Most times we assume an addict is out on the streets, or a severe junky not realizing that drug abuse is going on in homes all over America. Woman drug abusers have a much larger effect on society because they are nurtures, and head of households. For almost all families moms are the ones who keep everything together. In some cases fathers are the bread winners and mothers are the ones who take care of the home and family. As a mom, wife, nurturer, and head of household addiction can be the cause to plenty of troubles. .
             Women begin abusing alcohol and drugs for different reasons than men do and may have more serious situations in their lives that trigger substance abuse. A reason for becoming addicted is often because their life is impaired either physically or mentally. Women's addictive behaviors are a mechanism for coping with the impairment they face and can severely damage all aspects of their lives, such as work, family and social relationships. In many cases early childhood traumas can leave scars on their mental stability which can set them up for a lifetime of addictive and self destructive behaviors. In "The Residue Years" [Jackson, S. Mitchell] Grace explains "not until she was at my feet, a blade in her chest, blood soaking through her gown. She died before I let her go." Her mom was murdered by the man she called her father, "lose a mother, and lose a father, get replaced, and all is well" Andrew went on with his life starting a new family not understanding why Grace would not move on from the situation. Causing trauma for the rest of her life is the reason, never able to deal with the situation causes great harm on ones emotional state. .
             According to [healthywoman.org] women usually begin to use drugs later in life compared to men. Some woman experiment as early as twelve years old, usually happening because of peer pressure.

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