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Development of the Conformity to Masculine Norms

            The purpose of this article is to describe the building of the CMNI and the factor analysis used. It also gives examples of how male masculine norms form due to male figures and how society influence social standards. Social norms are rules and standards help influence a person's behavior. Social norms are learned through interactions with different kinds of people, which allow a person to know what appropriate and inappropriate behavior is. This norm will lead to repeated behavior, which turns into a tradition. Along side of social norm is gender role that includes the "rules" which steer and limit what masculine and feminine behaviors are. Gender role is learned through observation in a social environment, where men and woman are told how they should and shouldn't act in the sense of right and wrong. When it comes down to masculine norms males learn through observation from other male figures and media starting at a young age. An example can be when a male is young, normally father figures would say, "don't cry, that's for girls", or they could say, "blue is a man color". Statements such as the examples stated are masculine norms which influence a boy at young what is okay to do such as wear blue and what isn't ok to do such as cry, because that's what "girls do". .
             As a male gets older and actually realizes how society works his whole mindset will change. The male will realize what is acceptable and isn't through observation in society. During the males development the instructions he was given will lead him to pass better judgment, as he grows older. His decisions will have an impact in creating his own norms that he begins to follow. The CMNI was established and developed to help assess whether males conform to the norms or reject it. The building of CMNI first started by recognizing masculine expectations in a male dominates culture. The CMNI focused on 5 different studies to emphasize gender roles.

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