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Summary of Psalm 20

            This prayer for David is entitled a psalm of David because it was intended it or him to draw up a directory, or form of prayer, to be used in the congregation for himself and those in authority under him. Note that even great men and those that know how to pray for themselves very well, must not despise, but desire, the prayers of others for them, even those that are inferior to them in all respects. Paul often begged of his friends to pray for him. It is Gods will that prayers and thanks, should be made in special manner for kings and all in high authority. This psalm is exactly that, a prayer and a giving of thanks for the king. David was a warlike prince who was very much involved with war. Either this psalm was written for sort of a pre-war ritual, some particular battle of his own, or as a form to be used in the daily service of the church for him. .
             The structure is guided by the pronouns "you" (v. 1-5, 9), "we" (v. 5), and briefly "I" (v. 6). In this psalm is made up of three movements: (1) God's blessing in battle (v. 1-5); (2) the assurance of God's deliverance (v. 6); (3) an assertion of faith in God the King (v. 7-9). In this, David may well be looked at as a type of Christ, to whose kingdom and its interests among men the church was in good taste. At this time there was a war with the Syrians and with the author of this psalm being David, he writes this before going into war. You will find this mentioned in verse I when he speaks of the Lord hearing him in the "day of trouble." Even the greatest of men may be much in trouble. It was often a day of trouble with David himself. Neither the crown on his head nor the grace in his heart would exempt him from the trouble. Then in verse 2 he seeks help from the sanctuary and from Zion. Even the greatest of men must be much in prayer. David, though a man of business and a man of war, was constant to his devotions even though he had prophets, priests, and many other people to pray for him, he did not think that excused him from praying for himself.

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