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Friendship in A Separate Peace

            A friendship often requires having common likes and similarities, which is why Gene and Finny's friendship may seem unstable at times. Aside their differences, Gene and Finny's friendship is everlasting, and real. It is possible to have differences and still hold on to the thing that matters most; true friendship. As shown in chapter one, it is clear that Gene and Finny's friendship isn't like any other. You can tell that Finny is more in control of the things that they do. Finny had no problem with jumping out of the tree, whereas Gene was scared but still went for it as Finny pressured him to jump. Although later he denies to Finny that he was "shamed" into jumping. Even though he thought to himself, "Why did I let Finny talk me into stupid things like this?" (Knowles 9). The dynamics of their friendship are far from simple; the power in the relationship is easily toward Finny, who can make Gene do things he doesn't want to do.
             Similarities in a friendship are what keep them alive and well. Gene and Finny both know how to keep a secret. This is shown when Finny breaks the swimming record at Devon, and tells Gene not to tell anyone and to keep it between the two of them. That night Finny tells Gene that he was happy Gene came along and that he is his best friend. Gene hesitated and didn't say anything in return, but thought he should have, "I should have told him then that he was my best friend" "I started to; I nearly did." (Knowles 40). Something held him back from confessing his feelings toward Finny, which makes us wonder if Gene really feels the same.
             The differences in friendships can sometimes be a good thing, but when jealously comes along, it can ruin the feeling instantly. Finny is very competitive and good at sports, whereas Gene is the exact opposite, he doesn't care much for sports and would rather study. After Gene failed his test, which was the first test he ever failed, Finny gave him nothing to worry about and they played a game of blitzball to get Gene's mind off of his failed test.

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