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Roger and Me, Directed by Michael Moore

            Roger & Me by Michael Moore is a documentary that set a new standard and a fresh outlook for a whole genre of films. He is the innovator of keeping the camera rolling style. Capturing every moment, good or bad. The film opened a lot of eyes into a world that was unseen. General Motors took the cheap route, closed factories in the United States and opened many in Mexico to save millions. Town's economies tanked, families lost their houses, and no one could find a job. It was a nightmare that came to life. Michael Moore did a great job of capturing the raw moments in his hometown of Flint, Michigan. A factory closed and he grabbed a camera and started interviewing a sheriff that would evict family's everyday from their houses. Wealthy families that played golf every week, went to balls, and seemed that didn't even know that the factories closed. Then of course, the families that were affected by the closing of the factories. .
             Moore is able to pull this off and create a huge audience because he is a goofy and interesting enough person to make a documentary about families that lost their jobs. On paper, it sounds interesting but Moore made it "Hollywood" and created an enticing movie catered to the lower and middle class. He interviewed somewhat important spokespeople of General Motors, fired employees and just crazy citizens of Flint that wanted to be in a film. No doubt it is a great documentary that exemplifies the hardships of the layoffs. Moore filmed him going into General Motor's headquarters and wanted to interview the CEO. He had to know that he was not going to get the interview, but the cameras were rolling and he captured footage that was interesting. Just like interviewing a woman that sells pet rabbits or rabbit meat. I kind of was related but it was great footage of a woman killing a rabbit for its meat and fur. .
             The town of Flint, Michigan tried to revamp the town and hopefully have people start to move in instead of move out.

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