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Failure of the Versailles Treaty

            While often viewed positively for ending the First World War, the Versailles Treaty was one of the worst treaties ever drawn up. The Treaty of Versailles solved none of the problems that caused WWI, and sparked issues that resulted in WWII. Even the better ideas within the Treaty of Versailles were inadequately implemented. Overall, the Treaty of Versailles ended up being one of the most ineffective treaties ever written. If the countries involved in the making of the Treaty of Versailles aimed more towards improving the global situation rather than helping themselves, World War II could have been prevented. Some aspects of the Treaty of Versailles that were insufficient include the dumping of the war debt upon Germany, the horrendous implementation of the League of Nations, and the exclusion of Woodrow Wilson's "Fourteen Points ".
             One of the foremost issues with the Treaty of Versailles is the horrid abuse of Germany. By inspecting a few articles within the treaty, we see that Germany was forced to renounce all of her oversea possessions and properties in those territories (Treaty of Versailles Articles 119, 120) and pay off damages to China, Siam, Liberia, and Morocco (Treaty of Versailles Articles 131, 137, 140, 145), just to name a few. While it may seem somewhat fair at first, when considered, the allied powers gave almost the entire war debt, the damages from almost every country involved, off to Germany. In addition, Germany lost all of their territories, as well as every piece of German property on that territory. They also lost plenty of colonial German citizens, their entire armed forces, and their right to trade freely. They were also forced to agree to every Allied treaty, effectively ensuring German abuse for years to come. This horrible abuse of the German nation and people ended up with such widespread German hatred towards the Allied powers after a few decades that the Germans started World War II.

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