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Environmental Degradation: An Islamic Perspective

             In the contemporary world environmental crisis is considered as one of the burning issues for human being. We are now entering into the post modern era, yet environmental degradation exists as a major concern. Though it touches the mind of all the key thinkers, it seems to remain a threat. With the help of world organizations and governments, we are trying to get rid of this problem. But if the people of all walks of life do not become conscious about the prevention of such kind of degradation, obviously these will not have any result. Islam, one of the major religions of the world which have, as followers, one fifth of world population, can play an important role in this regard. Its rules-regulation and moral lessons may inspire people on these issues so that we can implement our policies to protect the environment and make our earth suitable for the upcoming generations. In this context, here the solutions and preventing measures of Islam for removing environmental degradation are described elaborately. .
             Environment and Contemporary Society.
             The term Environment includes a great number of things and factors. In a nutshell it can be said that Environment is the complex of physical, chemical and biotic factors that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival; an aggregate of social and cultural conditions that influences the life of an individual or community.1 It also refers to all external conditions and factors that affect living organism. Here external factors mean all the things around us such as- air, water, light, animals, human etc.2 In fact, Environment is the sum total of all conditions that influences the development and life of Organism.3.
             In this regard one of the most important questions is how the environment becomes polluted or what is the environmental crisis is. Generally, the degradation, crisis or the pollution of environment and nature results in an unhealthy use of nature.

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