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Research Paper - Kidney Failure

            Some believe that women have a higher risk of having kidney failure than men, but there has yet to be a definite answer on this issue. The kidneys are placed in the middle lower region of the back, right below the ribcage. The kidneys act as a sophisticated strainer, they filter and estimated 200 quarts of blood per day and at least two of those quarts is waste and extra water (Lin). This extra water and waste is then turned into urine, that then moves its way down into tubes known as ureters which send them to the bladder where its sits until time of urination. It does this to keep the correct balance of salts and chemicals in the body and blood. If blood flow to the kidneys is affected or the tubules are not working properly because of damage or disease, problems may occur. Having a family history of kidney failure and losing both my grandmother and great grandmother to it, I became interested in the topic of kidney failure. Having a family history of kidney failure it is important that I know the causes, risk factors, and how to help prevent or treat this disease.
             Some people have a higher expectancy of being diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) than others. I happen to be one who has a higher risk due to my family history but some of the possible cause for someone who doesnt have a family history of CKD would be diabetes, high blood pressure, age, and sickle cell trait, but these are only a few of the many possible causes. CKD causes an accumulation of fluids and wastes in the body. Having this disease can affect almost every one of the bodys systems and their functions, such as controlling the blood pressure, as well as the production of red blood cells, and bone health (Lin). Given that I do have the family history of CKD I must watch out for the possible risk factors.
             There are many possible risk factors that can be associated with CKD. Many contribute to the development of CKD.

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