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Teens Facing Depression

            Many people experience depression when drastic change comes into their lives. Depression is a medical illness that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. However, for many people, that feeling of despondency continues for weeks, or even months. Sometimes it continues for years. For some people, depression is a serious illness because it is very hard, for them to get over. Many teenagers go through a time of depression while growing up; teenage depression is caused by family issues, medical concerns, and relationship problems.
             Some teenagers face a lot of family problems growing up. It is common for families to disagree on some things in life. For some teenagers, they face having parents who are constantly fighting with each other. There is nothing worse than coming home every day to a mom and dad who are always arguing. Another problem that families face is paying their bills. Money is not everything. Some teenagers struggle growing up when their parents are going through a divorce. Divorce is a very hard thing for teenagers to deal with. They are always constantly going back and forth, listening to one talk about the other, and that can be very hard for a teenager to handle. Another major problem teenagers get depressed about is the loss of someone very important in their family. Dealing with a death of a family member is very emotional and depressing for anyone. God did not make every family to be perfect, but he always has things happen for a reason. .
             Medical issues are a teenager's worst fear of having or even facing. A lot of teenagers have either something big or something small wrong with them. God made everyone different. Learning disabilities are very important issues that students face while being in school; teenagers may struggle with ADD, having dyslexia, or having a reading comprehension problem. Some teenagers struggle with being a diabetic or having eating disorders.

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