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Yosemite Trip

             When I think about my earliest memories as a child, a trip to Yosemite National Park comes to mind. I was only five years old and four feet tall when my family and me went on the great adventure. My mother, father, grandparents and me took our new motor home to the beautiful landscape. I recently viewed a picture of my father and I taken during our trip; it sent my mind wandering. After a conversation with my mother about the photograph, my entire view of that vacation changed. Some of things I described to my mother didn't even happen. .
             We all woke up early that morning to enjoy a breakfast prepared by my grandmother. The smell of sizzling sausage was what woke me up. Eggs, sausage, toast and milk was how we started out our day, it was delicious. My mother and father were arguing about whether or not we should make lunch or stop for eat; all I could think about was if the television was going to work in the motor home. I didn't want to miss my cartoons.
             My wardrobe consisted of pink, purple and blue stripped pants, a blue shirt with a bunny on it and my favorite purple sweater so that I wouldn't freeze up there in the mountains. My father put my hair in what was called the "Daddy Special", which was your basic pony tail. The one thing that stands out in the picture about my outfit were my shoes; they were sandals with socks. If I were my mom I would have just put me in tennis shoes. After speaking to my mother I was corrected about the sandals. I was told that I had thrown a fit about wearing those sandals; I just had to wear them. So instead of fighting with me my mother allowed me to wear them, and in order to keep my feet warm my she had me wear the socks with them. The bunny that was on my blue shirt was not a bunny at all, it was actually a care bear sitting on a rainbow. I had the color of the shirt right and my father did do my hair before we left.
             When we were all ready to go we hopped into the motor home, and we were off.

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