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First Impressions

            Hi journal! Today I would like to share about a new friend. Ariff is new in town so, he does not know much about Shah Alam.However, that is fine because he has two years from now to explore Shah Alam since he is going to live here. In our class, he is sitting next to Ismail, the class representative for Eden, our amiable friend, Ismail, spends his time to give Ariff a tour in our school compound so that Ariff would be familiar with the school's environment. According to Ismail, Ariff is a very benign guy because Ariff is close to Ismail but for me, he is different .
             When I first saw him, the first thing I noticed about him was that he has a very big frame. To me he looks like a mafia because usually big guys are mischievous and loves to bully small people like me. This is because when I was young, I always got bullied by a guy like him. He made me uncomfortable with the way he looked at me. Moreover, his untidy appearance made it valid for me to think him as a scary person. Ariff also has a scar on his right forehead. He might have gotten that scar in a fight. He may not be the kind of guy that I should be friendwith.
             Within a month, Ariff started to play truant. He was always absent without any valid reasons and nobody knows where he had been spending his time. I guess that maybe he must have been busy selling drugs or gambling with his gang members. If he is in the class, he will always sleep and did not care about the teacher who is teaching in front. Once, I complained about Ariff to Ismail but he got mad at me and scolded me. "You do not know anything! Do not judge people by looking at his appearances," he said to me. I do not know why Ismail was backing up Ariff as it was obvious that Ariff's life is totally haywire.
             One day, Miss Dania asked us to visit Ariff's house because Miss Dania wanted to help and encourage him to come to school and hope he will do well in his final examination.

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