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Great Rivals: Sparta and Athens

            The two rivals of ancient Greece had made the most noise and provided us with tradition of agriculture and politics. Athens and Sparta are two cities that are close together on the map but are far apart in their value and how they live their everyday lives. A Spartan's life was simple. They surrounded their everyday lives by focusing all their attention on obedience and war. To be a soldier the Spartan was relived of him household duties so that he could train and learn the ways of being a solder. The men would be tested for their skill level when they turned curtain ages. The men would be able to marry but they could not live with their wives. The women would just take care of the house while the men were away. The soldiers would live in barracks and would be excluded from pretty much everything other than the art of war. Spartan solder's would be praised due to the victory against the Persian army. They would go on and battle against anyone that because a threat, giving them the image that they were the toughest and strongest military in all of Greece, which in no doubt was true. .
             Athenian life was what you could call creative. They had education, arts, theaters, pottery, literature, etc. They would think of themselves to the best in the lad of Greece. In the earlier days they would be led by the wealthier group that called the Aristocrats, who held control of the lad for quit some time. The Athens would soon build a Democracy. They would concentrate on having the people rule the land. The people could vote and write laws to be passed by the "congress"." When the Golden Age came around, you could say the Athens was at the peak of their wealth. They had treaded their olive oil and many other things for gain profit, thus allowing them to build up their city with magnificent buildings and landscape their area around it. They had also built a navy of great size and great skill.
             With the treat of the Persians they had strengthened their navy and it would soon become to be called the best navy due to the victory of the Persian army.

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