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Little White Lies in The Crucible

            The story line of the crucible has an overwhelming number of secrets, surprises and "little white lies"" that affects the fate of each character. Over the course of this play the true identity of several characters is revealed. This plays foundation is built on the tendency to point fingers, blame and accuse others of unprovable accusations, in order to save their name from being blackened. The calamity was brought about due to the lack of communication between the honest people. Everything was "his word against her word"" which ultimately proved nothing. Through our postcards proof is provided to Salem as well as explanation and closure is provided for the final events in the play. .
             As one of the main characters, John Proctor's postcard signifies his efforts in trying to fix the corruption in the church. His fate was to hang, even though he didn't commit witchcraft. He did this in order to save his own soul and support the idea that Salem's government was flawed. Johns character changes from a desperate, guilty man to a truthful husband, fighting for the justice the town deserves. Although John didn't directly change Salem's government, he changed the views of the trials supporters. He gave the village one less reason to believe the accusations were true. Not only did he decide to hang for the village but for Elizabeth's respect. .
             Danforth's postcard is written to Elizabeth Proctor, apologizing for doubting the Proctor's word. Danforth finally realizes that his accusations were incorrect and that he has killed hundreds of innocent people. The last act was a turning point for Danforth. Though he didn't admit he was wrong, I think you could see him start to question his own decisions as a judge. He not only was trying to convince the village they were guilty but he was also struggling to convince himself. Mary Warren's postcard is significant because it shows that she is still trying to win Abigail Williams approval.

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