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HR Management and Google, Inc.

             is listed among the largest internet search sites, engines and providers to advertising services globally. The company aims at ensuring functions, operations and practices at the firm are professional, supportive, respectable and encouraging to employees and consumers. The company has recorded success and extensive growth and development rates. This can be attributed to the company striving to integrate senior and junior employees in the firm. It also aims to maintain a relevant work course capable of promoting professionalism. Properly formulated and implemented work programs at Google Inc aim at encouraging innovation and creativity in order to broaden opinions and ideas among junior and senior employees (SMI, 2013). Google has been named by their employees as one of the best companies to work for countless times due to their Human Resource Management (HRM) and unique corporate culture.
             HRM is comprised of policies, principles, philosophies, subsystems and subsequent subsystem practices. They all have capabilities of achieving and maintaining sustainable success rates in a firm. Through internal philosophy, the internal subsystems identify and classify employees as persons committed to achieve organization goals and objectives. Through HRM, Google Inc. strives to seek and acquire high performing human capital. However, the company asserts the importance of treating organizational employees fairly and equally. More often than not, company employees have a vital influence on the organization's performance and success rate under different and diverse capacities (Sullivan, 2013). At the core of Google's HRM is the code of conduct which specifies the standards that employees and contractors adhere to ensure a productive and ethical work environment.
             Google Code of Conduct .
             The Google Code of Conduct is built around the belief that everything Google does in connection with their work will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct (investor.

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