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Burdens of the Single Mother

            When the topic of welfare programs and government assistance comes up, the common conservative thinking of pulling oneself by the bootstrap has been a common theme for those opposed to the program and even some in the general public. There has been bias coverage in the media regarding those on welfare as being exaggerations of overweight individuals doing nothing but staying home and watching television. Many individuals who work and are taxed may also go as far as to say that individuals in the welfare programs are leeches of society. The reality is that the majority of welfare recipients are young single mothers. Single mothers do not arbitrarily decide to rely on welfare and government assistance. They rather end up relying on welfare because of many complex underlying reasons that force them in such destitution. .
             There is another common misconception among the upper and middle class that single mothers relying on welfare and government assistance do not suffer much of the stresses as they do, but more often the opposite is true to a greater extent. Single mothers do suffer many consequences for not being able to find a sustainable job and not being married. All women face the same social and economic rigidity due to the ingrained biases of our society, but single mothers face more criticism for usually having to end up relying heavily on welfare and government assistance. The thought of single mothers simply relaxing at home playing with their children and watching television all day misconstrues the reality that they actually face much struggles daily. Understanding comprehensively as to why single mothers choose not to marry, why depression is widespread amongst themselves, what prevents them from getting jobs, what painstaking efforts single mothers both on and off welfare put into supporting their household, and what effects that they have on their little children will truly enlighten many of those ignorant to the single mothers plights.

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