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The United States and Syria

             It was established under French mandate on December 1 of 1924. They weren't granted independence from France till April 17, 1946. Syria is home to more than 22.4 million people. Their languages most used in their country are Arabic and Kurdish. The capital is Damascus, which is known for their ancient buildings. The climate in Syria is very dry and hot, but because of the country's elevation, snowfall does every now and then occur during winter. Syria happens to have a long cultural history that contains different types of dance such as the sword dance. They also have proud traditions of writing oral and written poetry.
             Ever since march of 2011 Syria has been in an uprising that is all over the world. It has been called the Syrian Civil War; it is an ongoing armed conflict between people who are loyal to the Ba'ath government and those seeking to "oust it ". The conflict began as a civil uprising, which evolved from minor protests. The protests started to become bigger and the government went in action. They began arresting lots of people and torturing prisoners. But unfortunately the protests still continued to grow. Later in April, Assad the president of Syria started launching large scale military operations against cities and towns. They used tanks, infantry carriers and artillery which lead to a number of civilian deaths. But because they began to attack the unarmed protesters, many officers and soldiers left the Syrian army because they didn't feel that it was right to do that. The soldiers and officers who refused to open fire on the civilians were executed by the army. After that was all over, the protesters set fire to a building where security forces had fired at them. This left eight officers dead and it also lead to 120 Syrian troops dead as well.
             Some arguments that have been floating around are about why U.S. should send military to Syria as well as why they should not send the U.

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