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National Education in Hong Kong

             Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having national education in Hong Kong.
             The Hong Kong government released the consultation document of the curriculum guide for the moral and national education in 2011. A considerable amount of people pay a lot attention on it. The government planned to start the new subject in primary school in 2012 and secondary school in 2013. There is a great deal of people oppose the set up of this subject. Leyre (2012) pointed out that in the first week of September 2012, a group of high school students organized a hunger strike to oppose the moral and national education. Since they think this is a type of brainwash. More protesters joined their ten days of protest. Lastly, the government postponed the commencement of the subject and introduced a three-year trial run period. Schools can commence the latest in 2015. This issue had caught most Hong Kong People's attention. Therefore the advantages and disadvantages of having national education in Hong Kong will be discussed in this essay. .
             Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages, let us know more about the background information of moral and national education. Government (HKG, 2002) claimed the aim of the subject is to establish five different values and attitudes. The five priority values and attitudes are perseverance, respect for others, responsibility, national Identity and commitment. Other than that, government (HKG, 2002) noted that students may come across a great deal of events and issues through subject and they can develop positive values and attitudes through dealing with them. The government (HKG, 2002) also believes the subject can help student to analyse and judge issues at different developmental stages. Hence enhances willingness to make commitment and contribution.
             The advantage of having national education in Hong Kong is that this can enhance our sense of belonging and also can help understanding citizenship.

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