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Theories of Durkheim and Weber

            This essay will discuss the theory of Emile Durkheim and Max Weber and analyze the similarities and differences between both of them. Durkheim is collectivism which means he was believing in society would influence and shape people's mind, while Weber is individualism which means he was believing in individual's mind would build and shape society. The theory of Durkheim used social (dis)integration approach to sociology and discussed the social structure, individual and social change, modernity, religion and social facts.
             The theory of Weber used interpretative approach to sociology and discussed the class, rationalization and modernity, power and the power of ideas, social change and structure and agency. The similarity between Durkheim and Weber would be both of them were considering material social facts, religion and modernity. First, both of Durkheim and Weber has been talking about material social facts, from Durkheim's point of view, population size, density, method of communication, infrastructure and technology would be focused on for material social fact (Durkheim 1964, pp. 1-13). Durkheim has used the term 'morphological' to explain the above facts, and bureaucracy would be a mixture of morphological components, in other words, they are the mixture of material and nonmaterial facts, the density of people and communication, and nonmaterial social facts (Ritzer 2011, pp. 185-187). Moreover, Weber has also talking about the material social facts like bureaucracy, Weber believed that inequality of society that is the big gap between the poor and the rich, which resulted to the changes in economics, mechanism replaced human labor forces. Due to Weber emphasized the idea of individuals shape and influence the society, people's idea on economy and business shaped specialization on business. And the technology was assisting the business to form a new market in economic system (Weber 2005, pp.

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