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Malaysian Advertisement Comparisons

             For my advertising analysis project, I have chosen both TV9 and TV2 as my subject to discuss how advertisers and media signal the audiences they want, and the features of those audiences. I will start this paper with how both televisions networks comes into prominent and continue to be successful today. TV9 is a television network that is based in Malaysia and it is owned and operated by Ch-9 Media Sendirian Berhad which is a subsidiary of Malaysia's major media consortium, Media Prima Berhad. It is one of the four free-to-air televisions stations in Malaysia, which also include the list of RTM. TV9 used to be known as Channel 9 before it was bought by Media Prima. TV9 start broadcasting officially on 22nd April 2006 with the catchy tag line " Dekat Di Hati" which truly describe the family oriented channel. TV9 inclusion in Astro satellite television on channel 119 allows them to be available in all of Malaysia. .
             TV9 performed exceptionally well and has successfully established itself amongst its target audience of Malays who associate themselves with traditional Malays value.
             For my second channel, I have chosen TV2 due to limited choice of channels. As we all know, TV2 is a Malaysian public television channel owned and operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. TV2 is the second oldest channel in Malaysia losing only to its sister channel TV1, so TV2 is known to be boring. The broadcasting of TV2 began on 17 November 1969. It offers local and international entertainment programme, films and dramas. Since 3 April 2006, this channel began to broadcast 24 hours a day, offering more programmes for viewers who stay up late to watch television but its sister channel, TV1 followed suit on 21 August 2012. On 1 January 2009, RTM television stations were once again restructured by Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek the then Information Minister. TV2 got a new slogan: Dunia Ria (means Happy World in Malay).

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