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The Perspective of Holden Caulfied

             All I did was wake up, eat breakfast, and stay in my room all day. It was nice that I got to think about a lot of things; one thing I thought a lot about was where my brother would be and how different my life would be if he were still alive. I think he would have been a great student and athlete. Unlike me, he would not have dropped out of school. He would be genuine, original, and unlike all the others kids, not caring much about what others thought of him. He was a pretty cute kid when he was younger and, for sure, was going to grow up to be a very handsome man. If my little brother, Allie, were still around, I think he would have brought my family closer together. He really was the nicest kid. Maybe I wouldnt be jumping from boarding school to boarding school and be able to actually be a good student. Well I dont know, a lot of things could have been different.
             I think I should do something spontaneous; like maybe go to Jane's house, sweep her off her feet, and run away with her. She probably would come with me, but who knows, maybe Im just a hopeless romantic. I don't know what Im going to do, but I know its time for a change. .
             What I need is an adventure. The only question is where Ill go and what Ill do. There are so many places that I could go to. Money isn't a problem. Maybe New York isn't either. We saw the Liberty Bell and a few of museums. .
             I'll pack my bag and leave tomorrow from Grand Central Station. It really bothers me that its called Grand Central Station. You just know that whoever named the place was the biggest phony ever: Oh, my train station is the best. I think Ill name it Grand Central Station cause it is so Grand. It makes me nauseous. Anyway, I think that I really want to visit the Philadelphia Zoo. Thats the only place I didnt see when I went. Ive heard its really nice. .
             The next morning I packed my bags and got in a cab. It was somewhat of a long drive to the station from where I was staying.

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