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The Nightmare of Divorce

            I sat there in the midst of my father's shadow, I watched him as he spoke to an unknown man about the papers he held out. Black slacks, a white collared shirt with a black tie, he seemed professional. The pen scribbled along the bottoms of the paper. "I'm sorry, the man mumbled, lowering his eyes to avoid eye contact. My dad gently closed the doors and took a seat. I followed. "Your mom signed it,"" he was straightforward, "She really wanted the divorce." I turn my head to look in the opposite direction, pretending as if I were staring at something; I could already feel the warm tears forming. I felt as if my childhood had just collapsed before my eyes. It was only years later when I realized that I shouldn't mope over these situations because they only keep me from happiness, they mold me as a person, and there's a future that awaits me. .
             It felt as if everything had just happened yesterday. I could still feel the pain flowing through my veins. My eyes swelled and my throat dried up from all the sobbing. How could I ever see this in a positive way? There was nothing else for me to ponder on and crying was the one thing I could do best at the moment. My dad always reminded me about the situation adding that, I could of done something to prevent this from happening. Being a 10 year old, I didn't think I was capable of doing so. He always told me about the late night arguments they would have, which I find quite funny knowing that I was asleep through it all. "Your mom cut a hole in our picture, and replace her face with your grandma's picture." So stupid," he spoke seriously, I couldn't help but giggle. Soon enough, the divorce had filled my mind. I actually allowed my mother to make the big decision for me, which was the day she took my brother and I from my father. I didn't know how much ache my dad felt until he told me. I loved both my parents; it was grueling to see them apart. And there it was, I love my parents.

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