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Domestic Policies of Mao and Stalin

            On 1st October 1949 after defeating the KMD in the Chinese Civil War, Mao announced at the gate of heavenly peace that he was now the leader of Peoples Republic of China. Both Stalin and Mao emerged as god-like leaders despite both countries suffering harsh policies of reform economically, politically and socially. Many argue Mao adopted the policies of Stalin, the Marxist ideologies of Lenin. Both understood the economic situation of their countries and wanted to industrialize and collectivize to boost their economies. Although the original plans had common factors, the exploitation of the plans, the results and how they helped both vary. Comparing and contrasting the economic,social and political policies of Stalin and Mao provides great information into both leaders and their quest to success in China and the USSR. .
             The initial economic aims of both are similar as they both focused on industrialization and collectivization. The first 5 Year Plan by Stalin in 1928 and Mao's first 5 Year Plan in 1952 both focused on state directed growth of heavy industry, in particular coal, steel and petrochemicals. The result of Stalin's plan was minimal production of consumer goods, with the population solely producing heavy industry. This left horrible labour conditions for people and evasive propaganda that encouraged workers to work harder. also caused increasing levels of discontent. A lack of results forced Stalin to put harsh punishments upon workers and employers, sending them off to kulaks. However, Mao's reasons for his first 5 Year Plan differs from that of Stalin's. Mao wanted to end China's leniency on agriculture and foreign powers for an economy. .
             The results of Mao's plan were less aggressive and harsh on workers and employers and arguably was more successful because of it's immense output of heavy industry and how China could support itself without the assistance of Russia.

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