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Seminar on Feminism

            For my seminar, my topic was about feminism and equality. I loved my topic and was curious to learn more about it by discovering my group members' input and interpretations of why sexism and inequality still exist today. I loved my seminar topic because it is mainly based on one's beliefs and opinions and whether one agrees with feminism or not. I was also very excited to research more about feminism and further my education on its beliefs and central system, since many people today confuse feminism with acts of superiority and selfishness.
             In my opinion, my seminar went better than I planned. I was nervous about my seminar becoming dead, but later found out I really had nothing to worry about. One of my biggest successes that I was aware of during my seminar was the fact that everyone in my group debated very well. .
             They participated a lot and made sure they got all their thoughts out. They were all mostly on the same page and had similar beliefs towards women getting more rights and sexism in general. They also had great ideas, inputs and reactions to my questions and statements. Although there were many great successes, there were also some areas that I needed to improve on. The largest one was controlling my group members. Since my topic is very tense, some of my group members lost control of their inner voices and their reactions towards each other and the ideas shared as well, which is why I have learned to control each person and let one person talk at a time. Another thing that would have improved my seminar would be to give less time for my group members to debate over one question, so they do not change from one topic to another. Instead, there would be more questions so the debate continues and does not go off track.
             I started my research with minimum knowledge about the main points on feminism but entered my seminar having attained more knowledge than I needed to on my topic.

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