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Providing GMO Foods in Public Schools

            Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are the new form of farming and pose a major threat to America's health. Most Americans know what a GMO is; in a survey, 80% of 25 people were aware of what genetically modified foods are. The real problem is, they are not aware of the health effects. The lack of knowledge and regulation of GMO's in the school systems has increased risks among children and adolescents. .
             GMO's are created when plants and animals are injected with hormones and genes from other organisms, altering the DNA structure to create a completely new form (Rings). Almost 80% of food is genetically modified. Breaking it down even further, 93% of all soybeans, 78% of all cotton, and 70% of all corn are genetically modified. All livestock that is not certified organic or non-GMO is fed with GM corn filler and passed onto consumers. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine proved GMO foods have serious health effects: infertility, immune system problems, accelerated aging, disruption of insulin and cholesterol regulation, gastrointestinal problems, and organ problems (Smith, "What You Need to Know About GMO "). Genetically modifying food cuts farmers' and other producers' work in half. Using mutant seeds, food companies are able to produce food twice as fast and much easier; it cuts costs and requires less work. Though they are aware of the health effects of these types of foods, the USDA allows GM foods for human consumption without proper testing (Rings).
             One of the major consumers and distributors of GMO's are fast food restaurants. Americans often turn to fast food as a quick, easy meal, instead of eating healthy. In fact, over 25% of Americans consume fast food daily. Fast food restaurants make over 50 million dollars from daily consumption ("Fast Food Nutrition: Fast Food Statistics"). According to Corporate Accountability International, there are many negative health effects of consuming processed over time, such as cancer, liver disease, asthma, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

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