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American and Foreign Automobiles

            There are many reasons why foreign and cars are better than American cars. But there are also reasons why American cars are better than foreign cars. If a person is buying a vehicle and does not know which one to get, he/she should ask themselves what they plan on using the vehicle for. Foreign cars are luxurious, have better technology, get better fuel efficiency, have better handling, and have better styling. Foreign cars have features such as soft leather seats that fit comfortably to your body; most modern foreign cars come with levers on the side of the driver seat that lets the driver choose how firm they want the seat to be. Also most foreign cars come with powered seats. This is very helpful because this way the driver does not have to push to move the seat back and forth. With powered seats, the seats move up and down, back and forth with a touch of a button. They can also have moon-roofs or sunroofs depending on the model of car the person picks out. Moon-roofs and sunroofs are nice to have when you want fresh air but do not want all the extra noise in your cabin from having the windows down. They are also nice when you want to have more light and sun in your car. .
             Foreign cars also have great technology in the interior and exterior of the car. Most foreign cars come with a global positioning system (GPS) built in on the dashboard. This is a very helpful feature because you can never really get lost driving around town anymore, and no need to carry a huge map around with you. This is better than carrying around a GPS that comes off your dashboard because no one can break your window and steal this GPS, and it is also better than using your phone as a GPS because doing that drains your phones battery life and also uses all of your mobile data. Other technology such as a premium audio system also makes a foreign car better than American. Foreign cars usually come with foreign sound systems; foreign sound systems are very crisp and clear because they use foreign speakers which are very popular in America.

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