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The Jacksonian Democrats

            During the time period between the 1820's and 1830's the Jacksonian Democrats viewed themselves at the guardians of political, social, and economic prosperity. They stayed very true to their views of themselves although they faltered when it came to social issues due to them abusing their powers in order to alienate minorities. Jacksonian Democrats used the United States Constitution to protect all forms of government in the country. Jackson went against multiple Supreme Court rulings in order to protect political prosperity. Jackson preferred the rights of individual communities over monopolies which can be seen in "The Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge " due to Robert Taney ruling that the Charles River Bridge Corporation did not have the right to build a bridge over the Charles River. .
             Robert Taney was appointed to the Supreme Court by Jackson, further giving more rights to communities over corporations. In order to protect individuals and local governments Jackson vetoed The Bank of the United States which he saw as not, "compatible with justice, with sound policy, or with the constitution of our country,"" as he stated in his veto message of July 10, 1832. Jacksonian democrats protected the political prosperity and equality of the United States through their persistence to guard the constitutional rights of the country and ensure the conservation of the constitution.
             The Jacksonian Democrats failed to uphold the individual liberty of each individual in the United States, the only fault in their view of themselves. Jackson elaborated that all men should be viewed equally though he never pursued giving equal right to non-whites. In Document G the Cherokee nation is shown fleeing their homeland which represents Jackson going against what the Supreme Court said was unconstitutional in order to force his personal beliefs upon the countries citizens. Going against the Supreme Court proved that Jackson would do anything to uphold his beliefs on social issues even if it meant he would be going against the constitution.

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