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Dengue Fever and Genetic Treatment

            Genetic modification is using technology and manipulates the genome to change or make improvements on an organism. One of the fields of genetic modification is to use this technology and help benefit human to cure different diseases. By using science and technology, genetic treatment on cells and DNA of different organisms, diseases that can transmit to human through other organisms can be reduced. An example will be mosquitoes. They carry several different diseases like malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever. .
             Dengue is a mosquito transmitted disease caused by the dengue virus. It is mostly found in sub-Saharan and tropical area. Up to 400 million people infected annually ( CDC, Dengue). By the bites of an Aedes mosquito that carries dengue virus can easily infect a person. Although Dengue cannot be transmitted from person to person, almost half of the population of this world is at risk of getting this disease. The disease mostly affects young children and adults. After the bites, first comes 4-10 days of incubation period. Non-severe dengue patients have symptoms like flu-like illness, high fever, headache, muscle pains or rash. (WHO, Dengue). If the patient remains untreated, it can lead to severe dengue. Severe Dengue is able to cause plasma leaking, respiratory distress, circulatory system failure and possibly severe internal bleeding. The patient without proper medical care can eventually cause to death. WHO estimated about 500 thousand cases of severe dengue and 22,000 deaths annually, mostly children that are infected. Currently, there is no treatment for dengue. People who get dengue should rest and stay hydrated. Even though there is no specific cure to severe dengue, the patient can be treated by fluid replacement therapy. Because there is no treatment or vaccine for this disease, the best way is to prevent from infection. (CDC, Dengue FaQ). Urban Mosquitoes move quick and rapidly.

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