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Messages to Saif Ibn Dhi-Yazan

            Myth plays an extremely essential role in modern literature. It is used by poets, novelists and playwrights in varying degrees to indirectly draw attention to given situations in their societies, criticize and seek correcting them so as to improve their communities' conditions of life. Sometimes, it is used as a means of protection to writers who fear the oppression of ruling systems. It is employed to make verse laconic and brief. In Yemeni modern poetry, the use of myth contains the three aspects. .
             In Yemen, a few poets have made use of myth in literature, in general, and poetry, in particular, at varying degrees. While some have tried hard to ascend the height of using myths in their poetry and thus partially succeeded, others failed in doing so. Yet, few others have made clever and skillful use of myth as the highest type of symbol; this is by first choosing suitable events, characters, or expressions, and second by blending that with their themes. Along with provoking the admiration and sympathy of their readers, they are able to win a positive response towards these issues, which are essential in current life.
             In addition, a group of poets belonging to different generations have combined symbols and myth in their poetic writings. Though a symbol has been used extensively since the pre-Islamic period, modern poets' innovation lies in their intermingling of mythical items with ordinary symbols to serve the multi-purpose poetic objectives such as expressing their views concerning socio-political aspects and criticizing the pitfalls of their societies. In this respect, Al-Magaleh claims that, ".a symbol.[and] the Objective Correlative are as old as Arabic poetry itself." This can be interpreted as an indirect denial of Al-Magaleh to Eliot's influence, especially the latter's concept of "the Objective Correlative. " Al-Magaleh believes that a modern poet usually " . search for an objective correlative from within historic events and ancient myths that tune with [a poet's] emotions and thoughts," in other words, a poet's borrowings are to convey the gloominess and dullness associated with complicated urban life.

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