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Literature, Film and Social Stratification

            One of the most important elements of social stratification is class. Class is defined as a category or group of persons having a definite status in society which permanently determines their relation to other persons or groups. Social class is very significant as it can provide a sense of belonging to specific people. Social relations, power, style of life, and property can determine the status of individuals in modern society. .
             Social relations are constrained by economic structures in a sense that there are divisions set between the different groups in society today. There are barriers placed to prevent interaction among different people based on their class. These barriers cause a lesser understanding which leads to conflict amongst the people who identify with a specific class. The conflict causes specific identities to be formed between the working class, and the ruling class. The working class is defined as those who have to work hard to help themselves and their family survive. The ruling class are the elite decision makers due to the money they possess. They expect the people today, of the working class to have their lives and their decisions ruled by what they put in place.
             In the movie "Beasts of the Southern Wild," Hushpuppy, the main character, lives with just her father to take care of her. They have no money and live off of the land provided to them. Although the family does not have much in the eyes of someone today, they do not allow their happiness to be compromised as there are optimistic about their future. They later go back to their home even though they could have made a life outside of what they were used to. In modern society the ruling class many people allow the ruling class to overtake their lives and make decisions for them. Hushpuppy and her father did the opposite by sticking to what was keeping them alive all along. .
             The working class preform outstanding tasks for little pay that they are expected to live off of and provide for their families.

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