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In Cold Blood - Fictional Devices

            In Truman Capote's novel, In Cold Blood, he strived to create a non-fiction setting that would leave readers unable to set the book down. Some readers seem hesitant to label this piece of literature as non-fiction because of Capote's choice to construct it with literary devices that are often found in fiction novels. Those who have read In Cold Blood began to question and challenge Capote's credibility as a writer. They felt that he should reconstruct the brutal murders of the Clutter family while remaining as close to the true story as he possibly could. Even though Capote used devices of fiction writing, it does not take away his credibility but simply proves that he can write a nonfiction novel using a number of different writing techniques from other genres. .
             A particular question continues to be presented within the literature world: Does labeling any novel "non-fiction" make sense? The inquiry caused great controversy and numerous people have spoken out on this subject expressing their varied opinions. Some believe that it is very much possible for the genre "non-fiction" exist, as long as the writing does not stray too far from facts. On the other hand, there are many others who believe that the non-fiction genre should have never existed. Those those who have this opinion believe that novels are only suppose to tell fictional stories, not realizing that anyone could take an event that actually happened and turn it into a story by using facts. .
             The novel is flooded with fictional writing techniques meant to flare the reader's interest and keep them mesmerized throughout the entire book. Although this could jeopardize the facts written within peice of writing by blending it with fabrication, it also makes the piece of literature more pleasurable to read. In one's opinion, Capote's use of fiction aids the non-fictional events of the novel because it adds a twist and makes the non-fictional events seem more adventurous.

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