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Themes of The Crucible

            Ever since the rise of communities and societies in America religion has been one of the first and largest sense of community. The sense of community occurs through mutual experience or belief as those who surround one. Today societies are at a crisis of history and how the actions of today will decide and determine whether the world goes up from here or continues to slide into a new dark era. It is important to understand that injustice doesn't just happen out of thin air. The societal authority and influence that perpetually corrupts is the sole cause. A society is more than capable of surviving for thousands of years unless it is attacked from within or by unjust hostile forces. Where such attacks occur, will primarily target well-known and respected authoritative members of the society. In Arthur Miller's The Crucible a small lustful unacceptable love story between John Procter and Abigail Williams transforms into a sinful plot that implicitly illustrates that in a theocratic society, heavy influence of religion constitutes corrupt power and authority that gains sufficient dominance and corruption to transform a miniscule injustice into a serious injustice affecting all of Salem. The history of Salem is nothing more than a set of unjust lies the entire society agreed upon. .
             Lying is done through the manipulation of words, but also through plain silence. .
             In The Crucible by Arthur Miller one inconsequential injustice developed into a significant injustice that caused the death of many, but was created through a small lie that was silenced and fluctuated. The very essence of the many lies that caused such chaos and injustice in Salem began with Abigail Williams' lie to her attempt to kill Elizabeth Procter through witchcraft and the conjuring of spirits in order to gain the love of John Procter.(Miller 833) Abigail Williams tried to conceal her attempt to assassinate Elizabeth Procter due to the fact that the real lie about her lustful affairs with John Procter would be revealed and her own and her families reputation would be ruined.

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