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The Kite Runner - Journey of Amir

            "The Kite Runner" is about a boy named Amir. The novel is tender and well-written, and follows Amir's journey through life and the culture in which he is a part of. This book mainly takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan and the United States. As Amir grows up and experiences hardship he is faced with many difficult issues to overcome. Throughout the book there are many different conflicts and issues that affect Amir. One of these things was the Taliban taking over Afghanistan which affected him. The Kite Runner reflects the history and culture of Afghanistan through its portrayal of poverty, social class differences, crime, and the Taliban's control.
             The Kite Runner is set in Afghanistan, a community in Kabul split up by different social class ethnicity groups. Early on into the book the government is struggling to maintain control and it causes chaos and problems with the society and people. The two ethnic groups seen in the community of the book are the Pashtuns and Hazaras.As Amir is born and raised as a Pashtun he strongly believes in being one, Afghanistan is the land of the Pashtuns. It always has been, always will be. We are the true Afghans, the pure Afghans (40). During that time being a Hazara was very disgraceful and not very common. They were thought very negatively at the time. When Amir is just a teenager the Soviet War in Afghanistan had just started and will last for a nine years. The Soviet War was fought between Afghanistan rebels called the Mujahideen and the Soviet supported Afghanistan government.The war destroyed much of the country's infrastructure and became one of the poorest nations in the world after the war was over. This relates to Amirs struggle living during the war in Afghanistan. .
             The Taliban plays an extreme part in the story in determining the fate of Afghanistan. Through organized crime and smuggling of drugs, the Taliban rules and dictates over the people and society.

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