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Steve Jobs and the Golden Age of Apple

            "Engaging with Jobs was a lot more fun than negotiating with bottlers. It stimulated me, roused my interest to be an architect of ideas."" As attested to John Sculley's (former CEO of Pepsi Co. and Apple) quote, it's easy to see how Steve Jobs could inspire both within his ranks of colleagues and outside the fold of his computer tech comrades. Steve Job's was a complex person with everything seemingly revolving around his adoption at birth and subsequent aberrant interpersonal relationships with others. He was the co-founder of Apple along with Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula. However, it was Steve Jobs avant-garde visionary ideas that were instrumental in developing Apple, Pixar, and NeXT. In this paper I will explore some of the characteristics' of this paradoxical if not avaricious pioneer of Apple's meager beginnings and subsequent notoriety, notwithstanding his childhood, his golden age, and finally, his contributions that changed the world.
             In the beginning of Steve's childhood his parents never disclosed the topic about his adoption. Steve had a vivid memory of one incident when he was 7 years old as he was telling the girl across the street she asked "So does that mean your parents didn't want you? " Steve says he remembers lightning bolts going off in his head and he ran into the house crying. In school he was sent home many times and one time he set off a firecracker under his teachers chair and his parents were called into the office. His dad protected him by saying "Look it's not his fault " Paul Jobs said. "If you can't keep my son interested, then it's your fault. " Steve had one teacher who reformed him in 4th grade at first he was bribed but after a while he didn't need to be bribed and soon after he was tested to be at high school sophomore level the school wanted him to skip 2 grades but his parents thought it was more sensible to skip 1 grade. During his sophomore year in high school he got hooked to marijuana, it was one of the first times that his dad got mad at him.

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