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Nickel and Dimed - Barbara Ehrenreich

            Existing tone in writing is really important because it convey a message that the author want to express to the reader. The tone Barbara Ehrenreich uses in the book "Nickel and Dimed " is changing rapidly because she wants her reader to really see the realistic of what she has to face. She put herself into the life of a minimum wage circumstance to see if she can survive or not. She go to different location in the country but they all have the same point that the job she take is all minimum wage jobs. Her tones factually show the challenges and struggles that she face with the job. She doesn't show judgment but in her writing, her tone sounds sympathetic, a little anger and sarcastic to the reader.
             At her first job as a waitress at Hearthside. Barbara Ehrenreich shows the factual that many of the workers she works with are homeless. They have to live in weekly-rate hotels, some squeezed into a small confines with friends, and a few of them actually lived in their vehicles, like her coworker Gail she live in the car after her boyfriend went to jail and he got killed a few months ago in a scuffle in a upstate prison. Many of them have family they have to take care of. Some time they don't even have enough food to eat. Another problem Ehrenreich and the people has to face is finding an affordable housing. House that doesn't cost a lot of money; it fit their expanse and need to safe enough.
             In her second jobs as a waitress at Jerry's she notices that "though no one, I notice, ever brings up anything potentially expensive, like shopping or movies (page 36). Based on what she saying, we can see that they are really poor. They can't afford to buy expensive things and seem to be invisible to the rich world. At first she was worry that she too overqualified for the job she has because she has a PhD degrees and an upper middle class. She thought that she has higher education they not going to hire her but it turn out she "under qualified " because the job revealed it more difficult and physical demanding than she thought.

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