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Artificial Insemination and Natural Breeding

            The isolated stall detached from the rest of the world; grew silent, motionless, and bitterly cold as the seconds transformed into hours. Soon the acute smell of death bristled under the noses of man. The once future to the farms income diminished in a blink of an eye, because of one man's mistake. Only thirteen percent of U.S. beef producers realize this mistake and chose the better path to the future. Using the natural breeding method there is only a seventy five percent conception rate vs. a ninety two percent using Artificial Insemination. Artificial Insemination is a method in which collects the semen of a bull into a tube and is manually implanted into a cows uterus. Natural service is breeding in which is done completely by the bull with natural instinct. What is best for the future for America? Does Artificial Insemination stand to be a better path economically and agriculturally, or does natural Service?.
             One huge advantage to Artificial insemination or "AI" over natural breeding is the protection it provides. A large percentage of cows and heifers in herds fall to disease, transmitted through natural service. Bovine Trichomoniasis has swept across the nation and affected a large quantity of herds. The bovine disease causes a mass reproductive and economic loss to calf operations that use natural breeding. The disease itself is caused by a protozoan called Trichomonas Foetus and is commonly called "Trich" for short. The disease is carried in a bull's penis located inside the sheath. The vernal disease is then transmitted when breeding of the cow or heifer is taken place. The protozoan channels itself to the cow's uterus and in turn attacks and terminates the growing fetus, which, results in mass cases of abortion and mummification of offspring. AI breeding has strict bio-security laws that require all semen to be tested for any diseases. Because of this, Artificial Insemination is safer and more efficient for farms.

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