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Legalizing Marijuana - Benefits and Problems

            Recently, it was reported that many Chinese entertainment stars were arrested for marijuana, including Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan. Indeed, smoking marijuana can bring a short pleasure and fantasy feelings, but we cannot ignore the fact that weeding out has numerous problems. The question is whether we can manage marijuana as similar as alcohol products for recreational purposes. From my perspective, the benefits and problems of using marijuana are the major factors when referring to the legalization of it.
             The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana.
             First, marijuana is a kind of psychotropic substance, which will have a profound impact on people's nervous systems, including getting high, creating a feeling of euphoria, or having stomach ache effects. It seems that weeding out can release them from stress and reduce social pressure. If a person uses marijuana in a proper way, it may decrease his anxiety and improve mood. Meanwhile, it can also enhance the brain excitability and increase creative ability, so people can make quick responses and come up with more new ideas. It is also said that marijuana can help eliminate nightmares. That is why that marijuana is often used to get high and labeled as a recreational drug.
             Second, marijuana can be used as a substitute for other illegal drugs, thus reducing the phenomenon of withdrawal. According to the scientific knowledge, marijuana is much safer because its toxicity cannot reach the standard of the drugs, when compared to alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. What is more, these three things are highly addictive. There are so many people clamoring for quitting from substances all day long, because these addictions are too hard to give up. These factors lead to the widely social acceptance of marijuana indirectly. Though it is not guaranteed that marijuana is totally safe, it is less addictive and less harmful not only to a person's health, but also to the society.

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