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A Vision of Heaven

            It was the perfect summer day; the sky was blue with strokes of clouds here and there, a light breeze so you don't sweat, and a roaring sun to fill the land, yet I was stuck at home watching TV. I thought to myself what am I doing with my life? So I grabbed my phone and texted anyone who I thought would be available to hang. I wait another 15 minutes, no one replies. I run to my room with a jolt, the floor creaks with every step I take. In one swift motion I opened the door and grabbed my backpack and shoved in my goggles and my towel. I had changed into my board shorts and tank top making sure I matched just in case anyone was looking my way. My dad always told me "simply smiling, styling, and profiling " which basically means when you go out make sure you look good. "Ma! I'm going out."" I screamed with hope she wouldn't care. "OK!"" she screamed back.
             As I rode down those cracked filled roads and parking lots, I closed my eyes let the sun's rays warm my face like a heated blanket over my skin. I arrive at the hidden site that only a few knew about, the trees curved over the channel of cold glistening water on one side and tall forest green cat tails on the other. I walked over to the entrance, took off my slippers and carried them in my hand. I dipped my right foot first, feeling the cold water surround it and slither between my toes. Steps closer I reached the beach, the wind had stopped and I could feel the temperature quickly rising. Little minnows nibbled at my toes like a bunch of little kisses and the smell of a freshwater lake filled the air. .
             I set my things down on the grassy bank and took off my tank top, immediately the warmth surrounded my body. I flow with the river a little more downstream the sound of flushing waters followed me as I crept closer to the mouth of the river. I stop in awe as I savor the tranquility of my surroundings; ripples glide far and out across the still lake like birds soaring across sky.

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